Covid-19 PPE Faceshields

The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic remains a threat to the health and safety of our essential work force. Something that has become terribly obvious very quickly is the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment available not just for our frontline workers. While our healthcare workers, long term care workers and workers taking care of the disabled all desperately are in need of PPE like faceshields, so are other essential workers like, construction, warehouse, installation teams etc.

Canplex is doing everything we can to help contribute as a major supplier of face shields for all that are in need of some PPE.  We are pleased to announce COVID-19 Spread Prevention Faceshields are Now Available:


Faceshields for any essential services.

Faceshield sfor Hardhat

Faceshields specifically for Hard Hat Use.

Faceshields Personal Protective Equipment – for any essential services including construction, installations teams etc.

Please call 905-985-2759  or email to place your order.

Canplex Profiles inc. is deemed an essential manufacturer and remains open and in full production 24/7 during these difficult times. We have a great appreciation and owe a great deal of gratitude to our incredible workforce. Through a number of our amazing customers we are also able to contribute in the production of various styles of sneeze guards and other types of barriers such as cashier, checkout, and counter top to help prevent the further spread of Covid19 Coronavirus. We are proud that we’re able to do our part during these difficult times and we hope we can contribute to flattening the curve.

While we are remaining hopeful that the curve will flatten soon and our economy will begin to recover, we feel it’s a realistic expectation that this viral outbreak will have a lasting effect on the way we interact in the retail environment moving forward. Barriers, various types of guards, facesheilds and other forms of protection are likely to be with us for quite some time. These extra levels of protection could potentially could become the new normal moving forward and just a part of the way we interact with other and do business together.

We will continue to do our part and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are in need of any of our virus spread prevention products or perhaps we can direct you to one of our amazing partners working on other types of COVID19 products.

Please take care and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe!